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Pick-n-mix gaming weekend

Pick-n-mix weekend Last weekend was a mixed bag of MMO gaming. I played LoTRO a big chunk, plenty of crafting, some gathering and some deeding. Overall I felt like I’d achieved a lot without actually levelling much. I guess it’s … Continue reading

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Nostalgia for LAN RPGs

I have a lot of happy memories of playing LAN RPGs in the late 90s and early 2000s. Diablo, Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale (1 & 2), Neverwinter Nights, the list goes on. For me these games were always about playing … Continue reading

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Massively on death penalties in MMOs

Just read a Massively piece on death penalties in MMOs. It compares the different models used over the years (full corpse looting, ‘naked runs’ back to corpse, gear damage, res sickness, debuff and others). I’ll admit I never played any … Continue reading

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Difficulty imbalance

Having played a good amount of Rift now, last night I was back in WoW playing a heroic (Stonecore). After wiping plenty on the first boss we worked out the strategy and managed to soldier through kill the dragon as … Continue reading

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Rift static group

I have been playing through the defiant area on my second character, a Warrior (Riftblade/Paladin with Warlord splash). This character was created to play with two RL friends as a static levelling group. First impressions are that, just like most … Continue reading

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Unrelenting evil

I’ve just started on really sorting my virtue deeds for my main in LoTRO since he is close to the level where he leaves the Eriador behind and ventures into the depths of Moria. This means going back to the … Continue reading

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How long to hype a game for?

MMO development takes a long time, I signed up for the SW:ToR when they launched the forums (late 2008?), and I have browsed them occasionally since. The endless debates and microscopic examination of every detail released about the game pretty … Continue reading

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