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Is WoW now anti-small guilds?

I’m rather concerned about the recent changes in WoW post Cataclysm. I have played for years in a small guild on the RP server Moonglade. We’re a mix of RL friends and in-game friends with a simple no-pressure, “it’s a … Continue reading

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A thought came to me this morning that the games classified as MMORPGs are generally anything but the inheritors of their pen and paper namesakes. Sure there is character development as a core tenant of gameplay and the usual fantasy … Continue reading

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Game installations

I work as an IT Manager, i.e. Networking guy, and have done for years. As such running multiple MMOs occasionally frustrates me, the last thing I want to do after a long day of work is to struggle with a … Continue reading

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EQ Progression Servers

The recent launch of two ‘progression servers’ for Everquest(1) has caused a stir on MMO news sites and blogs. These servers are time machines offering an early ‘pre-nerf’ experience of the original Everquest MMO. So naked corpse runs, XP loss … Continue reading

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Guild Wars 1 & 2

I came very late to Guild Wars – I started playing through prophecies in the summer of 2009. I’ve played very sporadically since, and mainly only duo the game now with my partner. In this sense it represents exactly the … Continue reading

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Creative crafting

Crafting in most MMOs is a fairly flat grind. Items are temporary consumables (buffs, potions etc) or gear, which inevitably will not last very long. I read recently that in Everquest 2 you can make books that you or other … Continue reading

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Are most MMOs lacking exploration now? I started playing Final Fantasy 14 over the weekend and one thing struck me, much more than any of the user interface issues or controversy over content – you explore the game yourself. Unlike … Continue reading

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